Concrete Surfaces

On this page you will be able to browse our fantastic range of concrete surface boards and laminates with three different surface types: Original Concrete, Concrete Plus and Outdoor Concrete. The Moisture Resistant Concrete Plus is ideal for countertops but not suitable for outdoor use.  Click the tabs below to find out more.

Original Concrete

Original Concrete

Concrete-effect surfaces supplied on a variety of backing boards give endless possibilities. They can be used as a wall-cladding, for flooring or in furniture manufacturing and shop fitting. Along with a variety of edging and finishing materials, the boards are worked in the same way as any other engineered wood panel products. With the look and feel of Real Concrete but with the advantage of easy processing and much less weight.

Smooth Grey

Our Original smooth grey Concrete finish, realistic in every way, including small surface holes and imperfections.

smooth grey 3


For a darker, almost black surface we supply the stunning Anthracite concrete surface.

anthracite lrg

Timber Formwork Grey

Grey textured Concrete with an embossed timber shuttering finish.

imi beton brettschalung small

Vintage Grey

The smooth Concrete finish with a subtle aged and weathered effect.

vintage standard 1


Light Vintage

A slightly lighter version of the standard smooth Vintage Grey.

vintage light 4


Dark Vintage

A darker Vintage effect smooth Concrete finish.

vintage dark 3